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This groundbreaking anthology will serve as the standard for years to come. Editor Michael Hofmann has assembled brilliant translations of the major German poets, from Rilke and Brecht to Durs Grunbein and Jan Wagner, in an approachable, readable, and endlessly interesting collection. Here we find poetry as a living counter-force to socio-political reality; poetry of dissent and fear and protest; poetry of private griefs and musics.

From the subtlety and elegance of Brecht, to the extraordinary jargon-glooms of Gottfried Benn, to the oblique and straightforward responses to the country's villainous history, to the bitter, cleansed, and haunted poetry of the postwar years, the anthology ends with a reunified country looking at itself and its neighbors in new ways. This is an essential and timely collection of verse from a tumultuous, violent, tragic, and hopeful century, written in the language of those who were at the heart of the matter.

He lives in London. Aber immer begegnen ihm Totenwagen, Die verscheuchen seine Libellen.

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Sometimes coloured tears play In his ashen eyes. He is forever encountering funeral processions Which scatter his dragonflies.

He is superstitious— Born under a bad star— His writing rains, His drawings: gloomy alphabets. His silver fingers Are five dreamy undertakers. Apart from them, he hates everyone, They bring him bad luck. But George Grosz loves his fate Like a trusty enemy. Und seine Traurigkeit ist dionysisch, Schwarzer Champagnerseine Klage. And his sadness is Dionysian, Black champagne his plaints. No one knows where he came from; I know where he ends up. He is a sea with a dim moon above it, His god is only playing dead.

Wer jetzt kein Haus hat, baut sich keines mehr. Autumn Day Lord, it is time. The summer was too long. Lay now thy shadow over the sundials, and on the meadows let the winds blow strong. Bid the last fruit to ripen on the vine; allow them still two friendly southern days to bring them to perfection and to force the final sweetness in the heavy wine.

Twentieth-Century German Poetry: An Anthology

Who has no house now will not build him one. Who is alone now will be long alone, will waken, read, and write long letters and through the barren pathways up and down restlessly wander when dead leaves are blown. The Spanish Dancer The audience in the cup of her hand, she is a struck match: sparks, darting tongues, and then the white flare of phosphorus and the dance ignites a charm of fire, uncoiling, spreading fast. And suddenly she is all flame. She is brazen: glancing round and shamelessly setting her hair alight, turning her dress to a seething inferno, from which she stretches long white arms, and castanets, like rattlesnakes woken, startled to their ratcheting and clack.

And just as quick, as if constricted by the sheath of fire, she gathers it up and casts it off in one high gesture, and looks down: it lies there raging on the ground, shed flame stubbornly alive.

Alexander Indien, First Edition

Radiant, chin tilted in salute, she dispatches it with a steely fusillade of feet: stamps it, pounds it, stamps it out. Copyright by Michael Hofmann. All rights reserved. This work is protected under copyright laws and reproduction is strictly prohibited. Permission to reproduce the material in any manner or medium must be secured from the Publisher.

Beerdigungen im Sommer " ".

Meaning of "Milchschwester" in the German dictionary

O Widerspruch! O Chicago! O Dialectic! And therefore Orbi runs away! Alas without electricity he reaches the limits of his strength pretty fast … Luckily he does not stay alone for long. Together with his new friends Linus and Frederike Orbi even succeeds in putting a stop to the activities of a nasty gang of crooks! Christos Yiannopoulos was born in Patras. After studying he wrote more than 20 scripts for television detective stories, comedies, films for children. With its story line which is appropriate for children and full of well tempered suspense the book is an ideal reading material for small vampire fans.

Disappointed Ella retires to the vault — where she meets at last! Konrad does look a bit strange for he has freckles. When even the smalles vampire child knows that vampires may not expose themselves to the sun She studied librarianship in Stuttgart and has been working as a writer since She lives with her family in Erlenbach.

Isabelle Metzen studied graphic-design and in she received a diploma in designing. Therefore Lila starts looking for [answers: Where did her mother go? Lila gets into the middle of Fireland the slums outside the city and finds shelter with a gang of kids. Susanne Fischer tells of a society that is in danger of forgetting its social responsibility, of strong children, ignorant adults and of the courage to change things.

Susanne Fischer, born in Hamburg, is an author, publisher and literary scholar and has worked as journalist and editor for audioplays. Since she has been manager oft the Arno-Schmidt-Foundation in Bargfeld.

[PDF] Fischer Schatzinsel. Foreign Rights Autumn - Free Download PDF

She has been writing novels and columns, e. In she took part in the Ingeborg-Bachman Competition in Klagenfurt. The true enemy is getting ready for the fight.

Two times in the past Girolamo has saved Florence from destruction. But this time his enemy is the strongest ever: Asdreel is preparing his return to Florenturna … A fascinating mirror world with beasts and demons, an elaborate historical setting, real historical figures and authentic characters. With great skill Katrin Lange links reality and fantasy into a stunning and captivating adventure that young readers as well as adults will not be able to escape from.

Today she lives with her husband und their two sons in a small village in Lower Saxony. Since she has been writing highly successfully novels for adults and young persons. Marliese Arold has written a stirring love story about two who cannot get together. Young Ancheseamun has been promised to Pharaoh Tutanchamun for a long time. And she knows she will have to marry him. But nevertheless she secretly meets with Duamutef the brother of her wet-nurse-sister, whom she loves more than anything else.

But one day the two are surprised by guards … A romantic and beautiful story about a young girl, her best female friend, a secret love, a magnificent wedding, about intrigue and betrayal, an exciting flight and a happy-end. For her Egyptian novel Marliese Arold did a long and thorough research. She has Tutenchamun and all the facets and details of his times come to life. Marliese Arold was born in Erlenbach on the Main. Since then he has been working as a freelance illustrator and lecturer. Ein Abenteuer Hardcover, pages All age The world is carried by an ash tree, cared for by five fairies.

The Karontides, though, monsters of the underworld since the beginning of time do everything to make this ash tree dry up.

Should they succeed our world will perish and the iron king will rise again and establish his rule of terror. This has to be stopped — with the help of a wondrous girl, who has green eyes, hair the colour of honey, freckles and the picture of a labyrinth on her back, a map. Two groups of figures are in pursuit of this messenger, one group to save the world, the other to destroy it. Hans and Sneewitt get on their way, with active support of other heroes they will have to master fights and adventures, but so does Grimm, the robber and soldier of the iron king, who is supported by the seven demonic ravens.

A third team is made up of fox and badger, two representatives of the animal world, who support Sneewitt and her companions in a shrewd and cunning way. After an erratic school career which had him attend several boarding schools he worked his way up to be a stockbroker in London but then backed out and returned to Germany to devote himself to writing. Under a pseudonym he wrote filmscripts, gothic novels and scenarios for graphic novels.