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Lawrence v.

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Texas , in , struck down laws making gay sex a crime. United States v.

Windsor , in , overturned a ban on federal benefits for married same-sex couples. And Obergefell v.

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Hodges , in , struck down state bans on same-sex marriage, ruling that the Constitution guarantees a right to such unions. The new cases, by contrast, concern statutory interpretation, not constitutional law. Lawyers for the gay and transgender plaintiffs say it does. Lawyers for the defendants and the Trump administration, which has filed briefs supporting the employers , say it does not.

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The common understanding of sex discrimination in was bias against women or men, Solicitor General Noel J. Francisco wrote. It did not encompass discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Bostock, who spent a decade building a government program to help neglected and abused children in Clayton County, Ga. His former employer has said it fired him after an audit indicated he had misused county funds, which Mr. Bostock denies.

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In an email, Jack R. The justices will decide whether Mr.

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Bostock is entitled to try to make his case to a jury. The county insists that Title VII allows it to fire workers for being gay, meaning that the case should be dismissed at the outset. I got favorable performance reviews. We had great success. Things took a turn, he said, when he became more open about his sexual orientation. Bostock said he would attend the Supreme Court arguments in his case, Bostock v.

Clayton County, No. The justices will also hear a companion case, Altitude Express v. Zarda, No. There are three stages as an object falls through a fluid:.

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The weight of an object does not change as it falls, as long as it stays whole. The diagram shows what happens to the speed of a skydiver from when they leave the aircraft, to when they reach the ground after their parachute opens. Before the parachute opens:. Note that the skydiver does not go upwards when the parachute opens, even though this can appear to happen when a skydiver is being filmed.

The illusion happens because the person with the camera opens their parachute later on, so falls downwards past the skydiver. The diagram shows a velocity-time graph for an object falling through a fluid, eg air, water, oil. The object accelerates at first because of the force of gravity. Its speed increases. The resultant force acts downwards because frictional force acting against it is less than the weight of the object.

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The object is still accelerating but its acceleration decreases as time goes by. Its speed still increases but by a smaller amount as time goes by. The resultant force still acts downwards but is decreasing. This is because the frictional force acting against it is increasing as the speed increases, but is still less than the weight of the object.

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The object is not accelerating any more. It has reached its terminal velocity and is falling at a steady speed. The resultant force is zero because the frictional force acting against it is now the same as the weight of the object.