Manual Unity: A Quest for Truth

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Educators at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale infused core curricula, humanities courses, honors programs, admissions, and selectivity with a Protestant Idealist philosophy. Further, decisions about what knowledge counts as good were made with Protestant Idealism—and an elite Protestant leadership class—in mind. Based on thirty separate archival collections, the study tracks classicists, English literary critics, art historians, and religiously oriented philosophers and historians who were engaged in a quest for the unity of all truth—divine and secular.

Humanists such as philosopher Theodore M. Greene Princeton , classicist John Finley Harvard , and philosopher Charles Hendel Yale resisted secularization and championed Protestant faith and modern knowledge as unified in a single system of thought.

Even college presidents who seemingly led the process of secularization defended the unity of faith and knowledge. This study brings James B. The Harvard president, known as a propagator of science and research, also believed that Harvard had what he called an otherworldly mission. The Harvard Redbook arguably outlined the general education requirements that many colleges and universities, and many high schools, still follow today.

I am calling the combined efforts of these humanists and leaders an Inner Restoration: an effort to defend and extend Protestant Idealism as the font of all civilization. The Inner Restoration was a messy affair; it intersected both with the world crisis of democracy and the growing recognition of human and religious diversity.

For this reason, I also explore the chaos and battles among Protestant leaders who disagreed on what Protestant Idealism entailed in the modern world. Today's amazing achievements have laid the foundation for a whole series of newer problems and questions that threaten mankind as never before. The medical and biological sciences have enabled us to have a life expectancy beyond that of prior generations, however coupled with that are the problems of population explosion, which in the not too distant future will give rise to serious concerns.

We have the ability to harness the power of the atom, yet along with it comes the ability to destroy all that we hold sacred. Taking into consideration the advanced age we live in, how does one account for the remarkable complexity extant throughout the known universe?

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Is one to assume that our consciousness coupled with our overwhelming sense of purpose can be attributed solely to "random chance" alone? The law of causation deals with the need for a preceding event leading to the outcome, and despite the fact that this scientific age has left its handprint on every facet of life today, it has failed to satisfy the innate question of simply, Chapter Five.

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